Tired of dramatic, scary headlines and mommy "news" that's really just ads?

  • We live in an amazing ~information age~ ...
  • So why does all the news you see online suck? And why is mom stuff the absolute WORST?
  • All the information in the world won't improve your life if you can't find it or don't read it.
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Hi! I'm Pamela Hobart, a writer and mother of 2.5 in Brooklyn.

I started publishing Just the Facts in 2017 because I was tired of being bombarded with junk news targeted at moms. 

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Before I had my daughter, I read 2-3 books a week but now there is just no time for reading whole books. I have tried to get through numerous parenting books but I've never really made it past the first few chapters of any book since my daughter was born. This newsletter has helped me so much because it provides summaries on the most useful and popular parenting books. I also love reading the summaries of news and recommendations for all things kids and babies. As a first time mom I have found this newsletter to be an invaluable tool for staying up to date without spending the extra time.

I feel like a mom friend is telling me stuff- Stuff we both care about. That's nice.

It's an enjoyable read. The length is perfect- packed with information but not too long. I can read it during my baby's naps with a lot of time to spare (to do dishes and laundry .. the list goes on)

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More about who the hell is behind this...

Pamela J. Hobart
Creator & curator-in-chief

I'm Pamela Hobart, a writer & philosopher of mild online notoriety.

Before my kids were born, I contributed hundreds of posts to popular women's site Bustle, with a focus on nutrition, health, and wellness.

Before that, I taught critical thinking to college students — helping them to sniff out what's wrong with the media coverage they encounter in their everyday lives. 

So, you can trust me to help you navigate the rancid swamp of crappy online news we all currently inhabit. At least you can trust me more than all those FAKE NEWS places.

Here are my kids, btw:

Why should you send a random stranger money to email you stuff? 

I know this offering must seem a little unusual. But in a world with much, much more content available than you could ever attempt to consume, curation is key

Rather than conducting original investigative journalism or going to work for a clickbait factory, I choose to contribute to our new media landscape by ferreting out the good stuff and making that info accessible

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