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Why are moms reading science news they don’t trust?

Americans are mostly interested in science

A recent Pew survey shows that over 70% of Americans are interested in science news. This makes sense — science news is often relevant to your everyday life, interesting, or both. For women, health, medicine, food, nutrition, and the mind top the list of specific science interests.

But there's a big gap between curiosity and consumption

Unfortunately, there’s a big gap between curiosity and actual news consumption. Only about a third of Americans actually get any science news at least a few times per week. This wouldn't be so terrible if the news that's readily available were high-quality... but it's not.

Readers stumble across their science news — and they know it sucks

About half of Americans just stumble across the science news they do manage to get, and social media doesn’t turn out to be a reliable source of science news. Just 16% of Americans think their friends and family are an accurate source of science info, and over half distrust the stuff shown to them on social media.

This is the opposite of conscious consumption, and a good way to accidentally fall into the clickbait trap. You’re much more likely to stumble across sensationalized garbage than measured reporting. 

What’s the answer? According to Pew, Americans trust “specialty sources” for science news much more than regular, mainstream news sources. This impulse isn’t all wrong, “specialist” can mean “expert," but specialty sources like documentaries, online forums, and info published by advocacy organizations aren’t a total fix. Many “alternative” sources of science news are clearly biased and ideological, even worse than the mainstream places. Think anti-vaxx sites, or those with a hidden agenda of selling bullshit dietary supplements. 

Science news directed towards moms definitely sucks

Americans now spend 10+ hours per day looking at screens. Converting just a tiny portion of that time from mindless entertainment or pointless Facebook wandering into genuine learning could have such a huge impact on our lives, especially for moms — whose choices have such an impact on their family’s lives. 

And yet, the mommy world online remains flooded with low-quality non-journalism that, at best, wastes our time and more often preys on our emotions and plays to our biases. When I became a mom, I found I didn’t like what I saw on news sites for moms. (When was the last time you saw calm, even-handed coverage of children't nutrition or healthcare issues, eh?) So I created something better.

The fastest way for moms to get news that matters 

Just the Facts, Mom is the fastest way for moms to get news (especially sciencey news). It takes just 10 minutes per week to read, and costs less than a good latte. Just the Facts focuses on parenting science, nutrition, psychology, relationships, and whatever matters to moms. 

Moms like you aren’t dumb, they’re just busy and scrambled. That’s why you end up reading crap — or nothing at all. But there’s a better way.

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